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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Why Blog?

So I've toyed with the idea of starting a blog for a while now.  I've asked myself all sorts of questions, such as, "What do I have to blog about?"  "Will anyone care what I say?"  "Why is what I have to say important?"   I guess I have decided to use my blog as a training diary, a motivator to train, and a gauge of my progress with each of my dogs.  If people are interested, that's great.  If they're not, that's ok too.  I just wanted to get things "down on paper"  (or screen as the case may be).  Topics will range from activities, to trials, to training.

The crew

I am currenly owned by three boxers, so I'll start with their current progress, activities, and training so you can get to know them.

Nikita, 14, spayed female - Nikita is my first boxer.  She was a puppy that my sister purchased from a BYB.  I ended up taking her when my sister couldn't keep her any longer.  Nikita is currently retired, and has a grand old time playing matriarch and teaching newcomers the rules.  She is a retired Delta Society Pet Partner, trained for Animal Assisted Crisis Response, and also did the R.E.A.D. (Reading Education Assistance Dogs) program with elementary school children.  She loved her work, especially with kids, but a couple years ago it became too tiring for her, forcing me to retire her from work.  Nikita has the typical boxer health problems, ARVC, hypothyroid, a couple episodes of cancer, as well as arthritis and what was probably an FCE a couple years ago that has somewhat impaired her mobility.  Luckily she is still spunky and doing well on medication, home cooking, acupunture, and herbals.

Harpo Jacquet's Harry Potter, 5, neutered male - Harry Potter is my second boxer.  After falling in love with the exhuberance, goofiness, working ability, and just all around awesomeness of boxers, I began the search for a good breeder.  Luckily, I found one through an internet list I was on, though I waited over a year for a puppy.  It was well worth the wait for a healthy, quality puppy.  Harry Potter is a joy, a very sweet, smart, drivey dog.  He's currently competing in agility in both AKC and CPE.  As it stands right now he's:

Harpo Jacquet's Harry Potter - AX, OAJ, OF, CL3, CGC, Delta Society Pet Partner, Animal Assisted Crisis Response Dog

We have backed off the therapy/crisis response work to focus on agility for now, figuring when we have time later we'll pick it back up again.

Harpo's Alexandria d'Jacquet, 1, female - Lexi is my third boxer.  She and Harry Potter are niece/uncle.  She's at that age where she's a whirlwind.  Very smart, extremely bold, and lots of fun.  She's just started agility classes, so we're hoping for a bright future. 

That would be the crew as it stands today.  Harry Potter and I have agility class tonight, so I'll try to update the blog with class info tonight or tomorrow.