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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Lure coursing practice

Chintimini Kennel Club had a lure coursing practice today.  It was a straight line practice over about 150 yards.  Harry Potter has been lure coursing for a few years now and absolutely loves it.  When he even hears the lure machine he starts going bonkers.  His two runs were perfect, he was very keen on the lure, and ran very well.

This was Lexi's first time lure coursing.  The reason we went today was because I have them both signed up for the CAT (Coursing Aptitude Test) next month.  I wanted to get at least one practice in with Lexi to make sure she would chase the bag.  Her first run was with the "squeeker", which is a piece of fur that looks like a dead raccoon but makes a squeeking sound while being dragged.  She never looked back from the moment I released her.  She was on the lure, very keen, running well, and definitely wanted to catch that thing!  For her second run, we took off the squeeker and tried her on just the plastic bags (which is what she would use for the test).  Again, an awesome run. 

Luckily, because they are brachycephalic, when they do the CAT next month, they only have to run 330 yards.  From the demo today, I don't think we'll have any problems. :)  Lure coursing is an awesome sport, and I'm glad to see the AKC opening it up to other breeds!

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