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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Another good agility day, EKC, Day 3

We had another good agility day.  I showed up early and worked the FAST classes.  Big mistake as Lexi did NOT like being left alone that long.  Oh well, lesson learned.  Time to run!

Excellent B Standard
This looked to be a fun course.

We had problems from the get-go with this one.  HP didn't hold his start stay.  He crept foward, had to pogo-jump over the #1 jump, didn't get enough speed and lift for the triple (#2), knocking a bar on the triple.  After that it was a beautiful run.  He handled the serpentine 4-5-6 great, his weaves were awesome, we front crossed between the weaves and #9, the rest was smooth sailing.  Lots of dogs took the off-course jump #1 after the dog-walk, but he pulled back into me easily.  I was pleased with the run, even with the knocked bar.  The only disappointing thing was he was MOVING, and would have gotten 20 MACH points if we'd Q'd. :(  Oh well!

Video of our run:

Excellent B JWW

I have to admit I was really worried about this one.  The 20 inch crowd that had run it before us were complaining that it was difficult, and very unlike Paula's normal courses.  We walked it, I didn't think it was THAT bad, and figured we'd just see how it went.  HP held his stay this time, and we threadled jump 2-3 so as to avoid the off-course #8 option.  He nailed his weaves, we front crossed to jump 7, then another front cross (FC) between #9 and #10.  FC's between 12-13, 14-15, and 16-17.  Whew!  Lots of front crosses!  Then a straight sprint to the tunnel and the last jump.  We Q'd!  Yay!  MXJ leg #2 and 7 MACH points!

Unfortunately the batteries died in my video camera for this run so no video available. :(

MACH totals: 77/750 points and 1 double Q

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