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Sunday, November 13, 2011

WAG CPE trial, Benton County Fairgrounds, 11/13/11

WAG CPE trial, Benton County Fairgrounds, 11/13/11

Because I had to work Saturday, I could only enter 1 day of the WAG CPE trial.  We left early Sunday morning, at 6am, to drive to Corvallis, OR, about an hour away.  We arrived at 7am, grabbed some crate space, and set up for the day. 

This weekend's judge was Barrett (Todd) Benson.  Never having run under him before, I wasn't sure what to expect.  What a nice guy, and super great courses is what we got. :)

Fullhouse, Level 5

Above is the map.  We are in level 5, so we needed 25 points (jumps are 1pt, circles 3pts, contacts/weaves 5pts), AND we are required to have 3 jumps, 2 circles, and 1 contact/weave minimum.

Above is my plan for the course.  Starting at the tire, into the tunnel, turn back to the A-frame, jump with a wrap back to the A-frame (again), then jump, dog walk, jump, tunnel, jump, tunnel, weaves.  We would have enough points if we made it through #9, but it's always good to go for a little extra in Fullhouse.  We made it through everything but the weaves, with the buzzer buzzing before we finished them, requiring us to go to the table.  No problem though, we met all the requirements and ended up with 31 points and a Q.

Colors, Level 5

Next up was Colors.  Rules are that you pick one of two mini/nested courses.  I walked both squares and circles, but ended up choosing circles due to the fact that it was smoother and more flowing.  Pretty straight forward, with a front cross between 4/5, a rear cross between 5/6, and a front cross between 6/7.  We ran it cleanly, ending with a Q and completing our Level 5 Colors requirements.

Standard, Level 5

I was really happy about this course. The plan was lead out for a front cross between 1/2, tight turn into #3 tunnel, around and over the teeter, into the tunnel with a sharp wrap on to the dog walk, over 10/11, with a rear cross between 11/12, and around to the weaves.  This is where it all went to pieces.  HP popped his weaves idea why.  He got them on the third try, but we had already NQ'd. :(  We finished the course (he ran by the A-frame after a too strong call off, but we circled around and did it again).  Darn, we could have used that Standard Q.  Oh well.

Wildcard, Level 5

Last run of the day: Wildcard.  Rules are that within the course there are three areas where a choice is offered.  In level 5, you have to take two "B" choices, and one "A" choice.  My choices for this run were #2 - B, #5 - B, #9 - A.  Worked out well, short and sweet run, ending with a Q that fulfills our Level 5 Wildcard requirements and earned us our CL5-H title. 

3/4 Q's for the day, not too shabby!

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