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Friday, January 20, 2012

Rose City Classic, Portland, OR, 1/20/12 - Day 2

Today, thank goodness, didn't start nearly as early.  We arrived around 7:30am and spent some time hanging out until our first agility run.  We went around to all the vendors, and I tried very hard not to spend money. :)  I was mostly successful!  I did buy a Boxer pin to use to hold my exhibitor numbers at agility trials.

I successfully avoided some very nice boxer stained glass and boxer prints.  It was tough though!

Lexi got to play the perfect boxer ambassador today.  There was a HUGE group of kids coming through the show, all about 8-12.  She waded right in the middle and was hugging and giving kisses to about 20 children.  They LOVED her.  She's such an awesome girl.

Excellent B Standard

Beautiful course, open, flowing, perfectly planned for an awesome run!

Our plan for this one was to start on the left of 1, over the dog walk, pull around 3/4 and over the A-frame, rear cross at the chute.  Over 7 and to the table, then front cross before the tire, over the double, then jump 13 and the left side of that tunnel.  Over 15, teeter and a fast straight run into the right side of the tunnel then a straight finish.  Harry Potter was on fire!  He was running FAST.  Our only minor trouble spot was 13 into the tunnel. I over worked it, calling his name when he was headed for the correct entrance, I almost caused a refusal!  We didn't get called and finished with a Q and 18 MACH points.  It was our fasted qualifying YPS in Standard ever!  Yay HP!

Rally Novice A
On a lark, I decided to enter some Rally classes this weekend.  I figured since it was all in the same building, why not?  Turns out, we need WAY more work on our Rally (we haven't had rally classes in about a year, and other than some doodling around the house, we don't do much heel work cause I suck at it!)  We have never done any Rally competitions!

WORST....MAP.....EVER!  *snort*

Wow was HP distracted.  We started out pretty good through the first couple stations, but then it all went downhill.  He wanted to sniff the floor, his sits were far from straight, and he kept getting distracted by the people and dogs sitting around the ring.  He was also ignoring me and doing quite a bit of forging.  Gah!  We managed to get through it, but I was sure we hadn't qualified.  Turns out I was wrong, we did get an 81.  While it wasn't the worst score in the class, we definitely didn't place.  Oh well, lets me know what we need to work on, eh?

Excellent B Jumpers with Weaves

Another lovely course, fast and fun.

At first I thought I would try a front cross between 2/3, but then figured I'd be in his way.  I started this on the left, and used a turn command at 4 with a rear cross.  Another rear between 6/7, a front between the weaves and 10, and fairly straightforward run like heck to the end.  Unfortunately, I sprinted past 12 and 13, and in HP's effort to speed up, he knocked bar 13.  Dumb handler!  The rest of the run was lovely, but still an NQ.

Totals for the day: 1 Q, 18 MACH points.

MACH totals so far:  7 QQs and 300 MACH points!

And so our day ends like this:

No agility tomorrow, as I didn't get in.  :(  Sad!  Guess it's all rally, all the time.  Both Lexi and HP are entered in Rally Novice A.  More agility on Sunday!

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