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Monday, January 23, 2012

Rose City Classic, Portland, OR, 1/21/12 - Day 3

So today was a Rally day for both dogs.  No agility because we didn't get in. :(  We arrived early, watched breed, then got ready for Rally.

Wow, the obedience stewards were NOT very nice.  They wouldn't give out maps, they didn't want to let me move my dogs (They were set up to run one right after the other), and they were NOT being nice about agility conflicts.  Geez people, lighten up a little bit.

Rally Novice A

Harry Potter
Harry Potter had a better rally run than yesterday.  He was much more responsive, payed attention more, and in general would have had a better score than the previous day.  Well, we would have if I had not missed a sign.  For some reason, I walked right past sign #11, NQ'ing our run.  Oh well, better luck next time.

This was Lexi's first time ever in the ring.  For anything.  My only goal with Lexi was to go have fun and assess her ability to work in the ring (I wasn't setting lofty goals for a 22 month old). Oh my god....we actually Q'd....and in true boxer style. It was hysterical. She was entertaining as only a boxer can be. She stood up on her hind legs a few times to check out the people over the curtain, she boxer pounced the fence between the rings with both front feet, had some really high flip finishes.......when we left the ring people were laughing hysterically and applauding! I thought for sure we had NQ'd but nope.....we got a 70...and our first RN leg! The judge said it was the most creative interpretation of the course she'd seen in a long time! Too bad I didn't get video!

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